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Free ATM!
No risk! All Profit!

Start making money today!


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Reduce processing fees

Save on all fees per transaction, flat rates, and annual. Keep more money in your pocket when you provide cash as an alternative to your customers and reduce overall processing fees.


Retain your customers

An on site ATM keeps your customers from leaving your business to search out their need for cash elsewhere. Which means they keep spending with you!


Make cash available to increase your sales

When cash is available that allows you to increase your amount of sales in house and keep customers happy.


Attract new foot traffic

With an ATM on site you will draw new foot traffic to your business from customers who need to access their cash immediately. Studies show 3/4 of customers make an impulse buy in the store in wich the ATM is located.

Did you know

The average ATM is used 300 times per month.

40% of ATM users use an ATM 8-10 times per month.

3/4 of customers will go on to make an impulse buy where a cash machine is avaiable.

Sales increase in sales occur in stores with an available ATM.

How do i benefit from a EZE ATM?

Zero investment all profit! The first thing most businesses consider in any decision is the associated cost. That means that it will never cost a business owner money to have a EZE ATM setup and operate at any location. Businesses that use EZE ATM's get a profit share from all surcharges, which increases depending on the level of traffic your business generates. Unlike most ATM companies, we reward businesses that have greater level of traffic with higher profit share rates.

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